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Conference/Meeting rooms

Looking for a System that has the features that you want in a system?

Here at Always Sound Integration we have the System for you. We custom build an Audio Visual system that included only want you want and need.

Systems options are listed below

Cloud based Video Conferencing-  Many great tools are already included in the system. (See our Video Conferencing  page for cloud base Video Conferencing)

PortTalk - Our Own design. This control system allows for affordable control of your system on a touchscreen monitor that is hard wired or on a wireless monitor to allow for mobility

Presentation displays- regular display such as a TV or 60, 70 and 80 inch touchscreen(s) and of course a variety of  projectors and screens

DVD player

File conversion software- The ability to convert many different files. Example Word to PDF

Microphones- We offer many different mics. Wireless and Wired. Desktop, Hanging, Hidden, Podium, Lavalier, Handheld, ect.

Speakers- We usually select speaker depending on the type of room and based on size and ceiling type but also take in consideration the Aesthetics

Recording - We have different options for recording depending on the application. Such as Training videos, Video conferencing meetings, ect.

Just about any other option you can think up!

Conference Room Audio Visual 

Conference room AV design has one goal: keep the user in mind for ease of use.  Here at Always Sound Integration, we cater to your needs for an easy-to-use conference room by combining together the latest cutting edge technologies and reliability. You give us the details and our team will design your system to achieve clarity and ease-of-use with modern technology.  We make the process easy.

Some systems can be designed to be so simple it requires a single touch on a screen, your employees and event staff can concentrate on what’s most important: the presentation. Always Sound will create a system that will allow you to connect laptops, DVD players, audio devices and more. No fighting with wires, so you can keep the presentation seamless.

Push Button Controls for Your AV System

Touchscreen controls in our designs will simplify your system by turning each task into the single push of a button. By a simple touch screen interface, any user can simply press a button which turns on everything to the correct inputs and settings, getting your presentation under way.

Hidden Equipment: Essential in Any Conference Room AV Design

Presentations are about making the right impression. Our team designs each system from scratch using hidden equipment and user friendly design. No distracting wires, boxes, or controls lying about. Only a professional room for your presentations so that you leave a lasting impression on your clients, employees, and partners.

Simple and professional systems with you in mind.  Let our AV team take care of your conference room or event space. 

Common equipment

Sound Reinforcement using wired and wireless mics such as Sennheiser and Shure. Speakers such as Altlas, Penton, JBL and Toa.

LCD Screens and touch screens such as Sharp and Panasonic.

Video Conferencing such as LifeSize and Polycom.

Control Systems such as our own control system called Port Talk and others like AMX

Secured file sharing systems- We have our own secured file sharing system we designed. If needed we are familiar with most other secure file transfer programs.