Simple fixes for your systems

One problem that we see in almost every Church audio system is the dreaded hum coming from a PC, DVD or CD player that is wired to the mixer. We can fix the dreaded hum!

Wireless mic has a terrible screeching sound at random times

In most cases wireless mics are simple fixes

Video and or Audio recording is to expensive

We have many ways to record without "breaking the bank"

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 House of Worship/Church Audio Visual Systems

Always Sound Integration House of Worship Audio Video Design and Integration solutions will give you the ability to present your services seamlessly and in the most inspiring way possible. Whether you are implementing a video system, sound system, or audio video control system for your church, choose ASI’s team to ensure that your house of worship audio video project is completed to your exact specifications, and on budget.

 The requirements for Audio Visual systems installed in Houses of Worship are different from Audio Visual systems designed for other industries. The Audio Visual systems in Houses of Worship must not take away from the beauty of the architecture, stained glass, or symbols. Additionally, voice intelligibility is of crucial importance since spoken word delivers the service.

During the service, lyrics to hymns, videos, slideshows, inspirational quotations, key scriptures, church activities, birthdays, new members and announcements are commonly displayed. Therefore Houses of Worship often incorporate a video system in their audiovisual design. When possible video components are hidden or are concealed in the ceiling. Wireless and wired microphones are installed in strategic locations. Speakers are concealed into the room design to remain as unobtrusive as possible.

Always Sound Integration is committed to providing the best audio and video technologies to enhance the worship experience. We understand the importance of your members and guests being able to see every image and hear every word. Our engineers can design a system that will work in even the most demanding environment. Always Sound Integration designs and builds houses of worship audio video and  lighting systems and we have installed, configured, and maintained sound, video and lighting systems. Whether you need the basic compliment of sound, video and lighting equipment for a small house of worship, or a large system for a Mega church, we offer custom built solutions. We take care of all ordering, delivery, and installation of the equipment. Always Sound Integration understands houses of worship and their constant need to balance cost efficiency with reliability. We have the brands, products, and experience to provide just that.

Our technology solutions include:
•    Projection and Video Display
•    Customized High Definition Systems
•    Audio Systems and Sound Reinforcement
•    Broadcasting and Web Streaming
•    Control Systems
•    Video Teleconferencing Systems
•    Digital Signage

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Always Sound Integration is Audio Visual without the hassle!

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