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Open-Mesh Networks

Always a perfect fit.
Open-Mesh makes it easy to get wireless coverage exactly where you need
it. With a series of easy to use enclosures, you can put your access points on a wall, a ceiling, a pole, a roof, a tree...well, you get the idea. Open-Mesh enclosures are designed specifically for the tiny, powerful access points and blend in seamlessly in any office, hotel, warehouse or apartment block. You see the wireless network; not the access point.  

Your network. Your brandWith a built-in page editor, you control the user experience from the moment a guest, resident or customer connects to your network. Design a page from scratch to match your website, or get started with one of several beautiful templates that automatically scale to fit laptops, tablets and smartphones. Once connected, users can be redirected to any page you choose.

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Audio Visual Services, Custom Software, Access Control, CCTV (security camera systems), Duplication and Conversion of audio and video, Custom Cables, Distance Learning, Conference/Meeting rooms, Video Conferencing, Digital Signage, Voice and Data Wiring, Custom Software, Research and Development of Hardware, Time clock systems,  Sound Treatment, Sound Masking systems, Mesh Network WIFI, AV Rental and much more... Always Sound Integration in Topeka, KS

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Monetize your network Keep 100%.
With the built-in software captive portal, you can authenticate users, set pay-for-use options and collect secure credit
card payments through PayPal, generate vouchers in real-time on the fly
with Lobby Assistant, or connect to a third-party advertising platform.
It’s incredibly easy to set use.

Always Sound Integration is Audio Visual without the hassle!

When quality, price and honesty matter. Audio Visual Topeka, Ks

Trusted everywhere

Open-Mesh products are used by millions of users on tens of thousands of
cloud-managed networks around the world every day. From five-star
luxury resorts to multi-story apartment complexes to the neighbourhood
coffee shop and house down the street, you'll find Open-Mesh products at
many of the companies and places you already know. Join the thousands
of people who have already discovered the power, ease and reliability of
Open-Mesh cloud-managed mesh wireless networks.